Friday, 15 February 2013

Twitter, I guess not

It's one of those services I heard about years ago and gave it a go back then and I simply didn't like it. I'm not a kind of person who is interested in the lives of celebrities and for following up the newsfeed on my favourite websites I either sign up to their newsletters or add them to my Netvibes. And as for keeping up with my friends, I much prefer Facebook in which people don't have any limitation on number of characters they use and to give us an update they don't need to put it in several messages (tweets) and make it look extremely confusing and difficult to follow.
I forgot my old username and password therefore I created a new one from scratch and as per usual I rather enjoyed customising it and I did go for an "Absinthe" theme.

So to sum it up it's not something for me but below I'll try and point out the positive and negative points:


- Simplicity: It's extremely easy to set up and it's very user friendly
- It could be very useful in connecting people around the world talking about the same topic
- It's an easy way to get updates on lives of celebrities we like to know more about and it gives us a false sense of self-confidence if they start following us
- It could be accessed on different types of devices


- Limitation: 140 character limit makes it really difficult to follow a discussion that was more than that and had to be done is several tweets. Also it gives our conversation a sense of immaturity.
- It could become really unmanageable and hard to keep up with
- It could easily be misused since it's so easy to set up, and I can see the fake celebrity profiles becoming a trap for taking advantage of gullible people


  1. Your comments really echo for me about twitter. The first hour I was fascinated; the second hour I was bombarded, the third hour I forgot about it. The comment you make about following news or connecting with people using other portals or media rings most true for me too.

    I love your theme in this blog, by the way - really great.

    1. Thanks Karin, I'm glad you like the theme. Your encouraging words are appreciated. Twitter is a fascinating one but unfortunately not one that I'd find useful. It's just one more thing to check.

  2. Well Done, Azadeh. Very good post and comment :-) BUT I still believe Twitter is the most effective current awareness tool.

    1. Hi Mina, Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. It's a useful newsfeed I must say